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Smart Ways of Making Your Wedding Event Memorable

No matter what type of wedding you want to have, it’s bound to be a fantastic reflection of you and your significant other. From the food to the day’s formality, every decision you make is an opportunity to reveal your identities as a couple to guests.

However, your guests might have dissimilar ideas regarding what’s unique in your wedding. To ensure you have a unique and memorable event, here are smart ways to help you achieve just that:

  1. Think of a Unique Venue

When you are ready to go outside the traditional location for your reception or ceremony, some venues will surely engage your guests in the spirit of adventure.

To achieve this goal, literally think outside the box and consider venues, such as art galleries, amusement parks, summer camp, group campgrounds, or ski lodges. Some of these venues are set for large groups and may have a lot of amenities, which you may consider at a low cost.

  1. Show it on Social Media

You can share your wedding ceremony with the world through mobile devices. Many people will be Instagram-ing their experiences, so give them a hashtag to see the pictures and watch videos later.

If you are having a wedding event at a well-known or historic venue, you can incorporate that with a hashtag. Make sure the hashtag is unique so that it can easily sift through your pictures.

  1. Consider Unique Seating

Creative seating patterns will surely leave a lasting first impression. Usually, chairs are organized in rows behind each other, but you can decide to be unique by mixing and placing them in a half mood design on every side of the aisle. This will offer your guests a great viewpoint of having to peer over the individuals in front of them. To make them look classy, you can choose extravagant floral pieces and colored ribbon to wrap them in your chairs.

Another great way of having a unique seating is to use seats instead of ordinary chairs. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can use:

  • Hay bales
  • Picnic blankets
  • Benches
  1. Consider Adding an Unexpected Entertainment

Most guests come to the wedding event anticipating to dance and eat. What they normally don’t expect is to see salsa performance, fire eater show for a wedding, and palm readers.

Lawn games, including giant chess, corn hole, bocce ball, and oversized Jenga, can also be perfect for your guests to have fun in an old-fashion way. To make this more fun, you can organize a tasting station for wine, tequila, and your favorite beer brands.

  1. Offer Buffet of Sweets

Another great way to have a memorable wedding is to set up a sweetie bar, mixed with popcorn and retro sweets for all your guests to enjoy their evening. This might be a great fit for adults and children alike, and you may personalize sweet bags for them to take home – that is, if they last for long!

The Bottom Line!

Every couple wants to ensure that their wedding is unique, special, and fun. To make your wedding memorable and exciting, you can come up with ways for your guests to interact with you as well as your venue. Some of these ways don’t have to be expensive, as long as you are creative enough.

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