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Put Your Records on: Boredom, Creativity, and Music in the Time of COVID-19

Many people found themselves at an impasse as the pandemic ravaged. National and local authorities implemented lockdowns and shelter-in-place measures to keep everyone safe. These were the primary means to help mitigate the transmission of the virus.

Unfortunately, this also led a lot of people to experience varying levels of stress. Daily operations were altered significantly. Work-from-home arrangements virtually eliminated the delicate work-life balance that professionals tried to maintain. Transitioning to online schooling was much more difficult than anybody imagined. Being cooped up in a single space for a long time can draining in all aspects.

What’s There to Do?

Nobody saw the global pandemic coming. It’s an unfortunate reality that we are all currently having to deal with. Boredom can easily set in. Although, there might be some good that can come out of these circumstances yet.

This boredom gives us the perfect opportunity to hone in on our creative inclinations. It turns out that there are five different levels of boredom. These are: indifferent, calibrating, searching, reactant, and apathetic.

Psychologists believe that many people experienced calibrating and reactant boredom in response to the pandemic. These are the levels that make people feel negative about their situations. Consequently, they are spurred to do something to help relieve those feelings.

Beautiful Noise

People have found music to be one of the best outlets to relieve stress while being sheltered-in-place. It has become a necessity now, especially for someone in isolation. Music has always provided an avenue for escape.

Freedom from these disastrous times is what anybody would want. The power of a few simple notes will be able to do just that, whether you’re an aspiring musician or a mere fan. Whatever form it may take, whoever it may come from, music will always be liberating.

Play the Right Notes

If you’ve been meaning to take music lessons before, now would be the best time to do so. Learning how to play instruments can be a beautiful thing. Understanding the creative process that goes into music will be a worthwhile experience for anybody.

Not to mention the fact that playing music can also be a good stress reliever. Creating music can help channel your thoughts and feelings. During these times, finding some form of release is crucial. Whether it’s an original piece or a rendition of your favorite song, certain tunes can never go wrong.

It also helps that a lot of studios providing these services can offer them online or in-person. Of course, online is a much safer alternative. However, a lot of establishments have also set up the necessary precautions to cater to people who prefer learning through physical interactions.

Listen to This

If you’re simply an admirer of music, there’s also still some good news to be heard. The music industry was one of the sectors that suffered from the global pandemic. Countless concerts and music festivals were abruptly canceled, which surely messed up a lot of audiophiles’ calendars.

As artists recognized the capacities that their music had to help uplift people’s spirits during this time, they sought to find another way. Quarantine concerts became a huge trend early into the lockdown when shelter-in-place measures were starting to be implemented.

Many big names in the industry took to different social media platforms to connect with their fans. Usually, their sets were stripped versions of popular hits, which made it feel more intimate. The mental, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual connection they manifested was pivotal for a lot of people.

What a Wonderful World

Many unforeseen realities defined the previous year. An outbreak of a global pandemic was just one among many dreadful events that took place. Worsening natural disasters made the threats of a climate crisis unmistakable. Economies plummeted to the worst they have ever been since World War II.

Through it all, people remained resilient. Music had a huge role in making that happen. Individuals took up an instrument for the first time. Strangers stood on their balconies to fill the streets with songs. Icons put on a show and connected with their fans online.

All of these instances were significant in their own ways. It made people feel less alone and more hopeful for what’s to come. Fortunately, a vaccine has already been discovered. Lockdowns have slowly begun to ease in different places. People can go out again.

The world is slowly recovering from what can only be considered the worst year in recent history. Things will surely change. A new normal will slowly creep its way into how societies function. Regardless, the influence that music has to shape realities will always remain.

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