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How To Throw A Party In The Heat Of Summer?

The word party sets your mind to fun and good times. There are so many special occasions which require special functions. Planning a party can be fun and work at the same time. If you like to entertain your guests with fun activities, then rentable water slides will be your choice in sunny weather. It is the easiest trick to entertain guests of all age groups. There is a wide range of water slides available on rent in the market. To book a rentable water slide, you can make a call to them. Still a few factors to be considered before you check out the different ranges of water slides.

Factors to consider before booking rental water slides:

  • Check out the available space you have for the party, as there are all sizes available for the water slide, and check the right fit,
  • The budget you have to spend on the entertainment, as a wide range is there in the market, is better to consider the amount you want to pay.
  • The theme of the party matters as it will be the star attraction of the party. It should be a part of the event.
  • A person from the company checks the safety of the slide before inflating it.

Different types of rentable water slides in the market

1.    Twelve feet Rainbow kids Double lane

 It is an inflatable water slide with a double lane to play, making it twice more fun. It comes with a double landing bay with built-in drains that keeps the water level low. Hence children enjoy playing in the water and are safe too. A misting system is connected to the regular water hose to begin the fun ride. The colorful slide attracts children and brightens the party ambiance.

2.    Fifteen-foot Retro rainbow modular slide

This tall slide can fit in any party’s theme to increase the thrills. Suppose added to any gender party due to the gender-neutral color of the ride. The additional feature of the water slide is that it comes with an enclosed tunnel entrance. The enclosed roof gives protection from the UV rays. The built-in drain helps to maintain the water level to prevent any accident.

3.    Eighteen feet Stanley steamer slide

An attractive train-shaped slide will entertain the guests and add to the party’s decoration. Children get attracted to the double fun as a water slide and riding in a big blue train. It is suitable for all age groups.

The bear camp double lane water slide with the pool-All in one fun is included in this slide. It consists of a climbing wall, slide, basketball hoop, and crawl through the waterslide. The slant is protected due to finger-safe mesh netting, which is very helpful.

4.    Disney Frozen 2 EZ

If you want to relive the magic of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, then this water slide will be your right choice. This inflatable slide has digital artwork on it to make it look attractive. The ride has a bounce house and waterslide and a pool in it to splash at the party.

5.    World of Disney 4 in 1 water slide

 As the name suggests, this beautiful ride brings all the Disney characters along with the fun of the ride. Characters included are Goofy, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Hercules, Pinocchio, Tarzan. Walt Disney licenses the ride. The features of this ride are a basketball area, climbing area, jumping area, and slide.

6.    Unicorn play zone slide

These rentable water slides need to be booked in advance due to its great demand. Its highlighted features are a basketball hoop, jumping area, obstacle play zone, and a slide. It is suitable for age groups of 2 to 11.3 D unicorns attract children all the more towards it.

Giant water slides

1.    Monster double air splash water slide

It is one of the big slides for a larger group of people and more fun. It is an 18 feet slide with a hump at the end of the slide that sends the children flying into the pool. The highlighted feature of the water slide is that it caters to kids as well as adults. It comes with two lanes and a rock climb at the back of the water slide. A large pool is included in it for adults and kids.

2.    Niagara waterfall water slides

This fun slide is almost 60 feet long and, as the name suggests, gives you a feel of the height of the Niagara fall. The riders climb from one side of the inflatable side and slide down from the other. The uniqueness of the design is in its graphic and a rainbow-shaped slip and slide in the end. It is suitable for all age groups.

3.    Triple ocean helix dual lane slip and slide

This fun activity comes with many features like a slip and slide, climbing wall, splash pool, two different water slides. It is like a mini-water park combined. It can cater to a more extensive gathering, so it is ideal for festivals and events.

4.    Twenty feet rainbow screamer slide

It is one giant slide for people who are daring enough to dive from a height. It comes with a lot of turns to give you the thrills of the water park. It is suitable for all age groups so it can fit perfectly for an adult party. The rainbow color makes it attractive for both gender parties. Its slip and slide attachment increases the fun for everybody.

5.     Seventy-five feet All-stars adventure obstacle slide

This ride is fun but has an obstacle course in it, giving the children the opportunity to race and play games among themselves. Climbing, crawling, jumping, and falling, all the adventures are packed in this obstacle path. It comes with a fun inflatable wrecking ball to add to the experience. Suitable for larger gatherings and events.

There are many names to the water slides, slip, and shades, bouncy houses, but all will give you fun-packed entertainment for a party.

In the end

If you want to host an event and want it to be the talk of the town, then rentable water slides are your answer. Many companies provide these wide ranges of water slides on rent for which you do not have to do extra planning, but just a phone call will make your party stand out. Splash away at your party.https://www.skyhighpartyrentals.com/water-slides.

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