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How To Choose The Right Ukulele For Playing Music?

Looking to play the ukulele which is popular for its dulcet tones? If yes, then read the complete post. Anyone who is planning to start a musical journey or is just eager to try this unique musical instrument can consider several facts. The Hawaiian ukulele has become a popular instrument for music lovers. When it comes to musical instruments, one should spend money on what the soul says. The name has come from the Hawaiian words ‘uku’ which means ‘flea’ and ‘lele’ which indicates ‘jumping.’ It is known as both ukulele and ukulele.

Different types of ukulele 

  • Soprano: This is the standard ukulele size that is around 21″ and one of the most affordable portable instruments which are perfect for beginners. Anyone who is planning to start may consider buying a soprano that has open chords in the first position.
  • Concert: One can also consider buying a concert size ukulele that is 23″. It is found to be the right size by many players that can produce a sound similar to the sopranos. A beginner ukulele with relatively longer hands can go for a concert ukulele which can be more comfortable for them. The cords are comfortably placed so that the player’s hand is not crammed.
  • Tenor: The tenor ukuleles are the largest models of all that have a size of 26″. They have comparatively larger spaces between frets with the highest numbers of notes. However, it is not recommended for beginners. When a player has become a master uke player, can buy a tenor size ukulele that is quite similar to a guitar. Like hawaiian ukulele, they are very expensive and made of high-quality materials.
  • Baritone: While considering different types of ukulele, one can consider purchasing baritone. It is widely used for producing a beautiful sound. The tenor ukuleles are larger than tenor-sized ones. So these were four main types of ukulele sizes.

How to choose the right ukulele

When it comes to choosing the right musical instruments there are several things to consider. Besides the sizes, one can check for the tuning methods. Some ukulele methods recommend linear tuning while some have re-entrant tuning. The guitar and ukulele have some kind of similar timing structure and they can be played using the same fingerings. Depending on the individual preferences a person should choose a ukulele to play the instrument with ease.


Ukulele has been in the music industry for over 138 years which roots its origin in Hawaii. It is said that a hawaiian ukulele is the best type of instrument in its category. It is an easy instrument to learn without a teacher. There are several online tutorial videos that can be very helpful in learning this amazing musical instrument. One can also consider buying pineapple ukulele, electric ukulele, cutaway ukulele, banjo ukulele, etc. It belongs to the lute family and artists are continuing to experience the ukulele and prove its potentiality. Whether it’s a Hawaiian folk song or a pop song, ukuleles can rock all of them!

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