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How good are Online Music Lessons?

Online classes have seen its fair share of debates on whether or not they are good and effective. Today we will be taking a look at some advantages and disadvantages of the same to get a better picture.


  • Easier to attend: Sometimes,travelling to your music lessons can be difficult. On the other hand, online classes are convenient to attend since they do not require you to travel. All you need is your laptop and not matter where you are, you will be able to attend your class regardless. A stable internet connection is all you need. You have the freedom of altering your class schedule since you don’t really have to stick to strict business hour. This allows more control over your own time and schedule.
  • Wider reach: Since online teachers are also not tied to a particular location, you will be able to get a wider variety of teachers and can connect with more people who teach you according to your needs. A good music school is hard to find in some neighbourhoods. Online classes provide everyone equal amount of chance to learn quality music.
  • Cost-effective: Not only do online classes save travelling expenses, it allows teachers and students to work from their comfort zone and use and schedule everything more effectively. Thus, online classes are relatively cheaper and cost effective for learning music.


  • Lack of physical guidance: A perfect posture is an important part of learning music.A teacher can only correct you if they have a proper view of your posture and that might not be possible online. In fact, some teachers rely on physically helping you to move your hands and finger in a particular way to improve your music. This cannot be done over an online class.
  • Lack of Discipline: Discipline is a very important factor in learning an instrument. Online classes have a lot of flexibility for both students and teachers. Hence, creating a possibility that students as well as teachers might not be as disciplined. Students are more disciplined when a teacher is physically present in the room. An in-house traditional music lesson has better discipline as compared to online classes.
  • Network issues: Unstable Wi-Fi may result in not having a class at all. Although most areas have a stable internet connection, power cuts or network issues are unavoidable and can happen to anyone. Restricting you from continuing the class, such instances hamper your overall growth. Moreover, such commodities are unavailable to everyone and become exclusive to a certain type of population.

These are some pros and cons of online music lessons. Considering what you want from your training, these can help you decide whether or not you should opt for an online class. Not everyone would make the same choice as everyone has their own needs and expectations. It is best to see which method helps you learn faster and whether or not the pros outweigh the cons for you. And that is when you are able to make a perfect decision.

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