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How a Young Girl from Thousand Oaks had risen to Stardom

An average teen would spend his or her time with friends, but not Amanda Bynes. The star was busy dominating Hollywood during the formative years of her life. However, her acting career skyrocketed in television and film since her childhood. It would be worth mentioning here that her stardom came at a considerable price. Rest assured the star of the yesteryears has been paying the price until this day.

What you know about Amanda

The former Nickelodeon princess, Amanda Bynes was born on 3 April 1986 in Thousand Oaks, a northwestern city of Ventura County. She was the third addition to the Bynes family. Daughter to Lynn Organ, a dental assistant, and Rick Bynes, a dentist father, Amanda enjoyed her early childhood days as any other American child. However, when she began reading the school play lines of her older sister at the age of three, her parents came to know about her hidden talents. The question to ponder upon was where the spark would take her.

The birth of a star

Before Amanda became famous as a star with a few Hollywood movies like What a Girl Wants, a star was born when she was first featured in a children’s comedy camp on Nickelodeon at the age of seven. It would not be wrong to suggest that the true potential of a star in Amanda came to the limelight when she was first noticed in All That, the hottest program for children on Nickelodeon.

Everyone who saw her was mesmerized by her innocence and acting skills. She had a knack for comedy with impeccable timing. No one could deny her charisma. By the age of seven, she has secured an agent, as suggested by Lynn and Rick.

Rising to the occasion

Right from her childhood roles in various television plays, Amanda was noticed by the industry for her looks and comic timings. During her audition for All That on Nickelodeon, Bynes left everyone gasping for breath with her acting skills. The child was on the road to becoming a star. By the age of ten, Amanda had joined the cast of All That. However, a child such a young age had significant troubles handling the fame.

With time, Amanda had her share of bad luck resulting in her early retirement from the acting career. However, the star had given some great hits to the industry to cherish for times to come.

Amanda Bynes had tasted stardom at a young age when other children were living their normal life. Difficulty in handling quick fame could be a reason for her early retirement along with drug and alcohol abuse.

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