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Five Fun Facts About the Stargirl TV Show

Stargirl is set to premiere its second series later this year, and many fans eagerly await for it to come to the small screen on The CW. Creator and executive producer, Geoff Johns, had created a vast array of heroes and villains with complex and compelling attributes, and the first season was met with positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. While you wait for season 2 to premiere, learn five fun facts about the show below.

1. Pat Dugan’s Costume is Actually 15 Feet Tall

The talented costume designers on the show managed to create a real-life power armor suit that stands 15 feet tall. Some fans have been lucky enough to enter the power armor and experience what it’s like to be S.T.R.I.P.E. The power armor is used for still shots, but scenes with it in motion require advanced CGI techniques.

2. Stargirl’s Costume Designer is Familiar with DC Comics

Staying on course for costumes, the costume designer that created Stargirl’s costume, Laura Jean Shannon, also created the costumes for several other DC heroes. She designed many of the costumes that were featured on DC’s Titans and Doom Patrol, and Black Lightning. If you need a sweet superhero costume made, you know who to call.

3. Stargirl Is the First TV Show to Air on DC Universe and The CW

Stargirl was first created for the streaming platform DC Universe, before it was later picked up by The CW. This is the first show to ever play on both platforms. Its move to The CW allowed more people to see the show, and The CW decided to pick it up for a second season. Interestingly, the episodes that aired on DC Universe are a bit longer than those that play on the CW, mostly due to cuts for commercials.

4. The Actress that Plays Stargirl, Brec Bassinger, Starred on a Nickelodeon Show

Brec Bassinger may only be 21 years old, but she already has a long list of television and movie credits. Most people would recognize Bassinger for her role as Bella from Bella and the Bulldogs, which aired on Nickelodeon. Bella was a cheerleader for her school before getting recruited to play for her school’s football team. Bella and the Bulldogs aired for two seasons.

5. This Is the First Live-Action Work to Focus on Stargirl

So far, this is the third time Stargirl has made her way onto the small screen, but this is the only work that fully focuses on the story of Stargirl herself. Stargirl made a three-episode appearance in Smallville in the early 2000s, and Legends of Tomorrow in the late 2010s. Fans have never gotten a live-action iteration of Stargirl’s background story, and so far the show is doing its best to stay true to the comic book series of the same name.

Where to Watch ‘Stargirl’

You can watch Stargirl on The CW or with an HBO Max or YouTube TV subscription. You can also rent individual episodes from YouTube, Apple TV, or Google Play.

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